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Travel and work

So as you all know, school is my job and I am blessed enough to say that. With my recent traveling I have decided to talk about what I do to manage my school work. This is what works for me, what works for me may not work for someone else. If this helps amazing…

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Summer kinda

Over here the weather’s a mess I’ll just put it at that. One minute its warm and sunny, I can wear a tank top. The next its storming like its gonna snow. So right now I’m seeming this weather summer. I feel like I look cool but really I look pastel goth. I dont mind…

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Spring break is lit

So right now I made the very last minute fashion to go to chicago for the weekend. Keep in mind this is my first flight and trip away from home. I’m going by myself but as an introvert this is lit. I’m really happy right now, I just have a duffle bag and my purse.…

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Life update

Hello all, I’m sorry for the lack of fashion and photos. My mental break down lasted longer than expected. I will tell you all in June, but as of now I think I will just continue my photography blog for now. I will also be continuing my YouTube channel. Thank you so much for sticking…

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Minimalist chic?

These past few weeks I’ve gone through change, usually I would cut my hair but this time I couldn’t. I’ll be the head woman dancer at my schools powwow in March so here’s what happened. I was sitting on my bed overthinking, earlier in the month I “cleaned” out some clothes. I looked over at…

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