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Okay so who has this problem too? It’s ten to midnight and you just got back from being with friends, you just remember that forum for religion class. You quickly type on your computer as you count down the minutes. Yeah same here, that was me last week lmao. Only it wasn’t with religion, it…

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Spring Cleaning

Even though it’s the dead of winter here in minnesota, I’m cleaning. I have three trash bags full of clothes now as we speak it’s been racked up to 5 and two backpacks. The person can’t drive me today but that’s okay. So lately I’ve been mentioning how I’m not right in the head in…

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Being alone is okay

As I wrap up my first semester of college I realized that being alone is okay. Having a room all to myself I have come at peace with this. I only have to worry about myself, my health, and my homework, it’s really nice.  I can dance around like a crazy person in front of…

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