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This past week or so has reminded me of the relationships (either friends, family or other) I have or had in my life. This year I’ll be living with two people which is a huge step for me in life right now. It’s getting me out of my comfort zone, but I also want to…

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Spending time offline

This week I’ve been spending more time offline, I’ve realized few things but here’s just one or two that stood out to me. It’s nice to not have a distraction I have a lot more time on my hands. So with the first one it’s pretty self explanatory. I can get my tasks done and…

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Keeping Busy

So recently I’ve been doing this but not in the right way. I feel like you guys can relate because we all do this, so thankfully I’m not alone. Story time(v) I was in my old room, my bed was on my floor I had my music blasting. I wasn’t talking to anyone and I…

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Summer therapy

So as you all know I’ve been going to therapy for about almost a month, weekly meetings. This a school provided thing and they wont be here during the summer. They’ve highly encouraged me to do summer therapy but again I’m at a cross roads. Usually I never went to therapy during the summer. I…

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