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Therapy is good.

So last week I didn’t have therapy and let me tell you, I did alright. I mean I socialized more than I normally would which is a plus but draining for me. Anyways I used to have a friend who was always on the fence about going to therapy. The reason I went was because…

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Red Soup Recipe

Whether you’re sick or a whole bunch of people are sick, this soup is sure to help. Recently I’ve been feeling under the weather and a lil bit sad lately. Anyways enough about my emotions heres what you’ll need for this soup: 80%fat/20%lean 1/2 pound tube of hamburger(or whatever source of protein you like)[I’d also…

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Keeping Busy (update)

So  I think I need to update this and say yes I am keeping busy, still working on it but I do have a good schedule down now. It honestly helped that I was at home for a week after my trip to Seattle (I will do a post on that later, promise but the…

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New York(1)

Okay so I know I don’t tell you guys all about my life but by the title, yes I went to New York. If you follow me on instagram you should know this already, so here’s what happened. I was staying with a family in Union City. The room was very beautiful, like something out…

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This past week or so has reminded me of the relationships (either friends, family or other) I have or had in my life. This year I’ll be living with two people which is a huge step for me in life right now. It’s getting me out of my comfort zone, but I also want to…

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